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It’s a great way to make extra money while you’re in-store. A variety of jobs and tasks await you ranging from building simple product displays to providing feedback on your shopping experience. The retailers and brands we’ve partnered with will even pay you to purchase items to report back on your shopping experience. With no set work schedule, you can work as much or as little as you want. An average task can take anywhere between 10-20 minutes to complete. No previous experience is needed. You also have the power to pick the individual tasks you want to do, in your favorite stores nearby.

Merchandising is the act of properly arranging a store or product display to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Merchandisers are responsible for ensuring the standards set by either a particular brand or retailer. The layout of a particular store or design of a product display is created by the retailer or brand. A merchandiser’s job can range from building simple product displays inside a store, organizing/arranging shelves, or replenishing stock. You get to choose which jobs you want to do and which ones you don’t. Once you choose a job, follow the instructions in the app and complete it. Take a picture of the completed work so that it can be verified by us.

Mystery shopping is a method used by brands and retailers to collect anonymous feedback on store experience, shopping experience, customer experience and more. This feedback can then be used by retailers and/or brands to determine where and how products sit in-store, improve the store layout, improve product placement, or redesign product displays/labeling, all to improve the overall customer experience. Mystery shopping is just one of the many tasks we offer in the app.

A mystery shopper will play the role of a customer by purchasing an item or simply observing the ambience of a store. (It’s sort of like going undercover.) You keep any purchased items and get reimbursed. In other words, you get paid to buy stuff. The task may be to buy an item or just peruse the aisles, it’s always different. After the task is complete, you provide feedback or answer questions about your in-store experience within the app. That’s it!

For most tasks, there’ll be no need to spend money. For some tasks, you may be asked to make a small purchase. In that case, you’ll always be reimbursed after you submit a photo of your receipt. You always get to keep the item you purchased and in some cases, you may be asked to purchase (and eat) a small meal. Yummy!

Payment information is submitted within the app. From there, you get paid on a weekly basis directly to your bank account. How much you earn is dependent on the tasks you complete.

- Have a smartphone with the Skyu app (coming soon)

- Be at least 18 years of age

- Be able to lift at least 20 pounds

- Be authorized to work in the United States

Our app is currently under development. So for now, let us know about your interest by joining our waitlist.

Not exactly. Unlike Instacart, you won’t be exclusively shopping or making any deliveries for anyone. The jobs in our app include a variety of simple tasks that you get paid for and all the work is completed inside of local stores nearby. The tasks that are available for you are given to us from different retailers, brands, or companies. Like Instacart, you can pick and choose which tasks (AKA “batches” in Instacart) you want to complete.

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