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✨Radical solutions for in-store retail execution

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Focus on the shelf

Merchandise your products effectively

✅ Attract and engage your customers with effective product displays.
✅ Ensure products are in-stock, priced, and labeled.
✅ Execute chainwide in-store product marketing.
✅ Find and address issues before your customers do.

Conquer your labor needs

Extra help when you need it

✅ Access a pre-screened, flexible on-demand labor pool.
✅ Reduce training costs — psst ... don’t waste time and money training workers.
✅ Divide and conquer your in-store tasks.

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Take a closer look

Maintain compliance with your standards

✅ Mystery shopping
✅ Planogram compliance evaluation
✅ Review in-store customer experience
✅ Audit your product displays

Questions about Skyu?

This guide will help you learn more about the platform and how to get started.

Skyu is a next-gen solution for in-store retail execution. We're helping the retail industry and businesses like yours unlock the power of our on-demand labor network to complete your tasks in-store.

Use cases could include merchandising, inventory check/replenishment/reorder, display/fixture assembly/install/reset, marketing/promotional material placement or removal, fixture cleaning, in-store auditing, mystery shopping and more. Don't worry if something you need is not on this list, just let us know and we can work together to create a custom solution for you.

To post a task, businesses like yours can fill out a custom form. We'll ask for task details such as location, the dollar amount, and task description. This task will then be posted to our app, where it will be matched to a Skyu helper. Once they complete the task and add applicable pictures/documentation, the task is then verified and the helper is paid. We're making this process as easy as ordering food or requesting a driver from an app.

"Tasks" is our general term to describe any short-term or one-time jobs to be completed inside of a retail store or business.

Mystery shopping is a method used by brands and retailers to collect anonymous feedback on store experience, shopping experience, customer experience and more. This feedback can then be used by retailers and/or brands to determine where and how products sit in-store, improve the store layout, improve product placement, or redesign product displays/labeling, all to improve the overall customer experience. Mystery shopping is just one of many use cases for Skyu.

For each individual task, we give you the power to set your own (task-based) price, NOT an hourly rate. It's the same tried and true payment model as Instacart, Uber, and Lyft. Skyu takes a small percentage from each transaction, the rest is paid out to the user completing your task. We'll invoice you on a weekly basis for tasks completed each week.

Simply fill out this form and an onboarding specialist will contact you with instructions to begin posting your tasks on Skyu.

The sign-up process will take approximately 3-5 business days.

Yes, of course! We encourage businesses to try out Skyu alongside others since some tasks are optimized for Skyu, while other tasks are not.

Not yet, but it's on our to-do list.

Don't worry, we've got answers. You can contact us here or text/call +1 408.782.4362 to learn more.

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