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In-store merchandising, compliance, auditing, competitor measurement and more. Simple, modern, and wallet-friendly.

Designed for retail brands

Getting into retail is hard. Staying there is just a pain in the ass. Here’s how we help.


Ensure your product is on-shelf, in-stock, priced, labeled, and looking the way it should be — just plain sexy.


Ever wondered what your product looks like in all your locations? What about your competition? Stop wondering and let us be your eyes on the ground.


Ensure your brand's vibe is visible and consistent on every shelf in all your locations. No Display Left Behind.

Set your price

We bet you hate spending money. So we’re letting you set your price for each task you post. Crazy, right?

How it works

We worked stupidly hard and designed this process to be stupidly simple.

Task Posted

Start by filling out task details using our Brand Portal. It’s completely free to post a task.

Task In Progress

A worker nearby uses the Skyu mobile app to accept and complete your task.

Task Complete

Once task completion is verified, details are visible in the portal. You are only invoiced for tasks that are completed.

Why we’re better

You could choose an old-school merchandiser or scour Craigslist for a rando. Or you could choose something that’s so much faster, so inexpensive, so much safer, and so so simple. Here’s how we’re different.


You want merchandising and you want it now. With Skyu, you’re going to get it, and get it now.


With our unique set-your-own pricing, you can kiss goodbye to sky high monthly minimums that cost an arm, a leg, your other arm, your other leg...etc.


Our workers undergo screening and gov’t ID verification to preserve the safety and quality of our network. We remove the bad apples so you can enjoy the good ones.


Retail is complex — trust us. That’s why we worked with dozens of retail geniuses from RedBull, Clif Bar, VitaCoco, Campbell Soup, Kraft Heinz and countless CPGs to design our platform from the ground-up. All this to keep it simple for you.

Here's why it matters

Up to


boost in sales with merchandising1

Up to


more conversion rates with merchandising2

Up to


higher ATV with merchandising3

Less than


to capture a shopper's attention4

So, you've got this amazing product. But it’s stuck in the backroom, hidden away like it's in some witness protection program, or worse, buried amongst a heap of disorganized chaos on the shelf. Because let's face it, if customers can’t find it, they can’t buy it. And that's just bad for business. If it looks like a hot mess on your shelf, it’s also not doing you any favors.

That’s where merchandising swoops in to rescue your product from obscurity, placing it right where it belongs — on the shelf, neat and organized — week after week.

Let’s be real. When it comes to boosting sales merchandising beats discounting any day. (Why? Your cost per conversion increases due to promotional discounts as opposed to simply merchandising).

And missed displays? Well, now you’re burning cash — like throwing a party and forgetting to invite the guests.

Don’t let your competition steal the spotlight. Hit it with some merchandising magic and stand out from the shelf. Your wallet will thank you later.

Questions about Skyu?

This guide will help you learn more about the platform and how to get started.

Skyu connects retail consumer product goods (CPG) brands with on-demand labor to service your product in-stores.

Use cases include merchandising, inventory management, display setup, promotional material placement/removal, cleaning, auditing, compliance evaluation, product recalls, planogram compliance, mystery shopping, competitor measurement, etc. If you need something not listed, just let us know. We can collaborate to support you.

Post a task with details like location, worker payout, and task description. Your task is matched to a Skyu worker in our network. After task completion is verified and confirmed, the worker is paid. All you do is post a task and let the magic happen. It’s as simple as ordering food or requesting a ride from an app.

A “task” refers to any one-off or one-time job to be done in a retail location.

Mystery shopping is a technique used by brands and retailers for anonymous feedback on various experiences like store, shopping, customer, or product. This feedback aids in product positioning, store layout improvement, product placement enhancement, and display redesign to boost customer experience. It’s one of many use cases for Skyu.

COVID has changed the labor market. Retail brands can no longer depend on retailers for in-store merchandising. Retailers, facing staff shortages and diverse product lines, will not prioritize your brand. Furthermore, retailers are driven to sell products, even if they’re not from your brand. Thus, retail brands must take charge of their own in-store visibility to compete effectively against heavily-resourced companies and private labels.

Newer or smaller brands must build brand awareness from scratch. The pivotal moment is at the shelf, where your product’s packaging and unique features must stand out. Ensuring product availability and presentation is key to convert first-time buyers. That's where merchandising comes in. Merchandising can help you:

• Move products from the back room to the shelf

• Position products correctly in the aisle

• Ensure pricing is visible

• Set up displays outside the aisle

We empower you to set your own price per task, NOT an hourly rate. It's similar to models used by Instacart, Uber, and Lyft. Skyu retains a small percentage from each transaction, with the rest going go the worker. We'll invoice you weekly for completed tasks.

Simply fill out this form and an onboarding specialist will contact you to get started.

The sign-up process will take approximately 3-5 business days.

Sure, we encourage businesses to use Skyu alongside others. Some tasks are better suited for Skyu, while other tasks are not.

Our workers are on-demand merchandisers. Each worker is screened before they are onboarded to the platform.

Don't worry, we've got answers. You can contact us here or text/call +1 408.782.4362 to learn more.

Ready to go? Get started below.

  1. The data presented, derived from research conducted by The Revenue Optimization Companies, establishes that the judicious and consistent implementation of merchandising strategies yields substantial benefits. Specifically, when executed with precision, such practices have been empirically linked to a 40 percent augmentation in sales revenue. By virtue of this evidence, it is incumbent upon all stakeholders to recognize the pivotal role played by effective merchandising in bolstering commercial success.
  2. In accordance with standards upheld by McKinsey & Company, a preeminent management consulting firm, a comprehensive study was undertaken to discern the impact of retail merchandising on customer experience and sales-conversion rates. The results demonstrate that adeptly orchestrated merchandising initiatives engender a positive customer experience, thereby elevating sales-conversion rates by 15 percent. Furthermore, this salutary effect extends to employee engagement, which experiences a commendable surge of up to 30 percent. It is incumbent upon all stakeholders to integrate them into their operational paradigms.
  3. The empirical research conducted by Dor Technologies, a retail analytics firm, has yielded invaluable insights into the realm of merchandising. Their meticulous analysis, grounded in statistical methodologies, has established that effective merchandising directly correlates with an appreciable increase in average transaction value. Specifically, this enhancement can be quantified at 30 percent.
  4. In the contemporary landscape of commerce, characterized by the omnipresence of digital interfaces and fleeting attention spans, visual merchandising emerges as a strategic imperative. Intelligence Node, a vanguard in retail intelligence, underscores the criticality of this facet. Their assertion, grounded in empirical observations and industry trends, posits that visual merchandising constitutes a pivotal tactic in the age of omnichannel. The average individual’s attention span, constrained to a mere eight seconds, necessitates the judicious deployment of visual cues and aesthetic appeal.