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About Us

Skyu is an on-demand service network for retail brands. It’s like TaskRabbit, but for retail.

Today, in-store retail services cost thousands of dollars a month.💸 It’s expensive for brands that need extra hands for their in-store retail execution. Instead, we combine the power of a marketplace, offer on-demand merchandising (and more), and pass our savings down to brands. It’s a cost-effective, on-demand merchandising solution that’s so easy to use, it’s simpler than ordering food through an app. 🤯

At Skyu, we truly believe that retail is changing, not dying. Skyu is not a job search platform, but rather a marketplace for flexible retail labor. For workers, we’re working day and night (literally) to bring on-demand retail gigs to the mainstream.

If you're a retail CPG brand that wants to conquer in-store retail execution without the cost, or a gig worker that just wants to make extra money on your schedule, explore the Skyu platform and find unique ways to serve your needs.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Founder 1

Siju Abraham

Co-Founder + CEO

Siju drives the company's vision, strategy, and growth. What started as his first job as an on-demand retail worker in college, has turned into a relentless desire to modernize the retail industry. He's out to change the way people find gigs and source workers.

Before Skyu, Siju worked at one of the world's largest tech companies and high growth startups. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from CSU Monterey Bay.

Today, he focuses on building Skyu, whilst completing his MBA at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

Founder 2

Partner in Crime

Co-Founder + CTO

This co-founder (in stealth mode) is the technical mastermind behind Skyu. For him, coding is no routine chore — it's a passion that inspires and drives him to explore new technologies. He's a true master at turning any idea, any design, into reality.

He's has worked at several world-class startups developing and testing software. An alumni of UC San Diego, he graduated with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.

Today, he devotes his time and energy into crafting the mobile innovation that is the Skyu app, and enjoys lifting at the gym and rucking around California.